ArunaSocial Ventures : Empowering Underserved Communities

Transforming an Initiative into a movement

An initiative to promote livelihood generation activities within disadvantaged communities by establishing, recognizing and promoting micro-enterprises started and owned by members from vulnerable and economically weaker sections of society. This initiative aims to address the challenges faced by women entrepreneurship in India and foster their growth and development in the business landscape.

The key transformation sought through this initiative is to ensure economic empowerment and inclusion of the targeted beneficiaries, especially women entrepreneurs in India, in the process of economic growth of the country by enabling them to become contributors to the process and to reap the resultant benefits from the same.

The pathway for transformation will be through the creation of an enabling environment which addresses the gaps in the process of ensuring not just economic but social empowerment. The distinguishing features of this transformative initiative include providing relevant training, mentoring, guidance, and support to persons coming from severely disadvantaged backgrounds to become entrepreneurs who can establish, run, and scale-up their own enterprises independently, thereby creating livelihood opportunities not only for themselves but for others in their communities. This initiative plays a crucial role in women entrepreneurship development by offering resources and assistance to aspiring female entrepreneurs.

To ensure long term sustenance and create deep impact within the targeted communities through this model, ArunaSocial Ventures is developing D2C brands for providing a platform for these enterprises to market their products and to generate income through sale of handcrafted curated products targeted at national and international consumers. These D2C brands are being developed for marketing through ecommerce platforms and the brand’s own online store. This is to be followed by creation of offline D2C marketing channels.

Role of ArunaSocial Ventures

Our Mission

Economic and Social Empowerment of disadvantaged communities through skilling and creation of sustainable livelihood opportunities.

ArunaSocial Ventures Mission

ArunaSocial Ventures Vision

Our Vision

Creating a chain of continuous growth and development through an ecosystem of self-supporting micro-enterprises within disadvantaged communities.


DPIIT No. DIPP152110

ArunaSocial Ventures, a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to creating positive impact, has garnered recognition from StartUp India, a prominent platform established by the Government of India to identify and support innovative and promising startups.

This acknowledgment highlights ArunaSocial Ventures’ commitment to addressing social challenges through creative and sustainable solutions. The StartUp India recognition not only validates the organization’s innovative approach but also positions it as a notable contributor to the country’s entrepreneurial landscape.

This achievement serves as a testament to ArunaSocial Ventures’ dedication to making a meaningful difference in society, aligning seamlessly with the vision of StartUp India to foster and nurture groundbreaking ventures for the nation’s growth and development.

The Initiative Growing Into A Movement

At ArunaSocial Ventures, we are continuing with the initiative to promote livelihood generation activities in low-income communities through our Social Impact Centre at Uttam Nagar located in the Delhi/NCR region. Our Aruna Karyashala program is continuously reaching out to more community members and enabling women and youth to become self-reliant by supporting women and youth entrepreneurship, skilling, training, and supporting them for a more secure and rewarding future.







Events and Updates

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From Delhi's markets to the festive stalls at DU colleges, our decorative candles were there to make Diwali shine brighter for everyone!

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Witnessing dreams turning into reality at our certificate distribution ceremony!

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Women’s Day celebration with our trainee-entrepreneurs and community women