Skill Program For Low Income Communities | ArunaSocial Ventures

India is a hub for innovation but in most cases the impact of these innovations is limited to specific sections of the community and seldom goes beyond their boundaries, resulting in reinforcement of existing disparities and in the creation of more. The financial dependency of disadvantaged communities on the better-off sections is one of the major reasons for their continuing exploitation.

ArunaSocial Ventures wishes to help disadvantaged communities achieve economic empowerment and have a better quality of life by helping them overcome the entry barriers through proper training, access to resources, and support to establish their own micro-enterprise and enable them to independently run their business in the future.

We work on creating impact within disadvantaged communities, by helping them establish a sustainable source of livelihood generation and helping them become contributors to India’s growing economy. We develop potential entrepreneurs by providing access to resources, training, and support to start-up and scale-up their micro-enterprises, ensuring their independent growth in the long run. When social entrepreneurs within the communities are well-skilled and financially stable it results not only in their independent growth and long-term sustainability but also opens the door for them to help others in their community by sharing the knowledge they gained during their entrepreneurial journey.