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Aruna Karyashala

Aruna Karyashala is the flagship programme of ArunaSocial Ventures. Through this, all aspects of the Entrepreneurship Development Initiative for women and youth from disadvantaged communities are implemented on ground. Aruna Karyashala provides a platform for ideating, innovating and incubating new business ideas; improving and scaling up existing micro-enterprises; and providing day to day hand holding support along with critical resources for starting and sustaining community based micro-enterprises.

About our Brewery

About our Brewery

Staff Entrepreneurs

By appointing Staff Entrepreneurs from the communities we work in, we help individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds earn a livelihood while undergoing training in various skills through the Aruna Karyashala program. The end objective is to help them earn, save money, improve their skills and then invest their earnings and skills learnt during their engagement as a staff entrepreneur, in starting or scaling up their own enterprise.